At Bridgeview Venture Partners our clients are at the utmost importance as we focus on performance. Our mission is to identify unicorns in their sector.

We provide access.

Once only reserved for the institutional investor and ultra-high net worth individuals, Bridgeview Capital Partners provides privately held companies access to capital by use of alternative investment funds.

Our funds are designed to provide access to Pre-IPO companies whose plans meet the needs of our member investors.


Bridgeview Capital Partners is driven to guide our members to greater returns by helping them access niche market opportunities before they are made available to the public.

Our team works closely with each investor, aligning ourselves with them to meet their investment objectives, understanding their individual risk tolerance and goals.

Pre-IPOs, once only available to the super wealthy and institutional investors such as banks and endowments are now available to accredited individual investors or groups through alternative investment funds which pool capital into a Special Purpose Vehicles allowing smaller yet accredited investors and groups to get involved in private equity.

Bridgeview Venture Partners provides our members access to investment strategies and vehicles once reserved for a relative few.

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